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Welcome to:

Coffee Cups and Cuddles

Grab your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy some time with me.


This is a place I have created to do just that. Whether you are browsing to pass time or looking into something specific and stumbled across this page, I hope that you will find something that brings life and a positive outcome & experience to you, whether on a practical level or personal.


As well as covering the daily stuff of life, I’m also exploring new areas of interest to me such as reducing waste, using more natural products in the house and on ourselves, and having a go at making stuff myself (such as deodorant, dishwasher tablets, crafts and much more).


This website is dedicated to all the stuff that is real & relevant to me: from practicalities of parenting, feeding the family, managing money, juggling jobs, rocky relationships, and hurdles of the household, to more specific aspects such as mental health, wellbeing, and even my walk of faith in Christianity.  In these pages I cover these overlapping areas of [my] life and hope to find people who can relate, be encouraged by and connect with me and together form a supportive, respectful, exciting and colourful “tribe”.


Let me introduce myself

My name is Nicole, I’m 37 years old. I have two children aged 7 and 10. My husband of 13 years and I relocated back to the South West of the UK after 8 years in South Wales. Originally born and raised in South Africa, I moved to the UK with my parents and brother when I was 12 and completed all my secondary education in England. I am passionate about topics like budgeting, running the house, food, parenting and all the topics which come along with that: practical solutions, discipline, learning, chores, getting to know your child, feeding them, and so I could go on and on… which is exactly what I intend to do in this blog! So stay posted.

– Nicole Allen


Our News


8th Sep 2018: This week’s blog entry is a vlog I recorded this morning.

Click on the facebook link below to find my latest video:


Family Photo above thanks to Jim Wileman


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Blog #1: What do you want to do when you grow up?

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